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Camping happens to be a way that you can have adventure and excitement. You will be able to breathe deeply and clearly from the fresh air. You will also become amazed for the fact that the mountains are stunning. You will find that there are a lot of things to see when you go camping. You will be able to find new lives when you go camping. Camping is a great way to pull the entire family together.


When it comes to action, you may end up getting more than what you bargain for. You will find that you’ll be able to have a lot of adventure when it comes to areas with bears. Bears may look like teddy bears, but really they are dangerous and more people will find that there are times where they will attack you. You will find that grizzlies are very aggressive and will eat a human. Black bears happen to be less aggressive, but they too will attack when provoked. You need to think about ways on how to get out of their sight. Basically you don’t want to run. Running will make them chase you. Don’t try to go up a tree because they can climb trees. You will however want to slowly back away. You will want to slowly take a step or two and not move too much. If one does attack you, you will want to roll up in a ball and shield your head.


Another animal that you will want to keep your eye open for is the wild cat. This is where you will find that they are very aggressive and they attack. It is hard to get out of the sight of a wild cat, because they are deadly. Most will try to avoid contact; however, if you just met a bob cat looking for food, you will become a target. There have been known cougars or pumas that will take a child and eat them.


It is best to know what you have in your backyard and where you are camping, because you will need to make everyone aware of the dangers of the woods and how dangerous some animals can be. There are some wild cats that have razor sharp teeth and will stop for nothing to get you. You need to learn how to practice good safety habits while camping.



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